How To Use Beclate Inhaler Safely?

Beclate Inhaler 100 mcg falls under the category of corticosteroids which is usually used to healing symptoms which are associated with lungs and. It is primarily used to relieve the complications due to asthma and allergic rhinitis.



The topical form of this medicine is used for treating a wide range of skin-related issues like eczema, psoriasi, and even dermatitis. The medicine is readily available on the websites if you want to go in for Beclate Inhaler 100 Mcg online shopping. However, never use this medicine without prescription as the primary treatment of asthma.

Uses of Beclate Inhaler 100 Mcg

The inhaler is commonly used as a maintenance therapy which helps in preventing asthma attacks in the patients above the age group of five years. Apart from asthma, it is also used in case of allergic thin to treat its symptoms like sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, etc. It plays a major role in preventing nasal polyps too. It is used for treating several skin inflammatory conditions too.

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Instructions for Use:

This nasal spray should be used exactly as prescribed by the doctor. In case you miss a dose, you should take double of it in the next turn. It is strictly recommended to use the medicine in the advised quantity, neither more nor less. It is advised to consult a doctor if any undesirable side effects are experienced.

It should be ensured that you complete the entire course correctly without breaking the flow. Make sure not to stop the use of this medicine without doctors’ advice. Strictly follow all the instructions mentioned on the label and seek medical assistance in case of overdose.

What Are Basic Side Effects Of This Medication?

The most commonly observed side effects of Beclate 100 Inhaler mcg includes rashes, increased rate of heartbeat, change in the vision, chronic headache, nausea and vomiting, constant pain the body and weakness on the muscle.

Apart from that, it also leads to acne, cough and cold, an irritating sensation on the skin followed by burning and itching and unusual growth of hair. In some cases, white patches start appearing inside the mouth or on the surface of the tongue.

How Much Does It Take To Work?

Well, the time taken in the onset of the action of this medicine depends entirely on the strength of the dose, the health condition of the patient, and the form of administration. The duration of the effect also depends on these factors mentioned above. As per reports, this medicine does not any habit forming tendencies. Usage of this medicine under the age range of five is strictly prohibited.

It is recommended to seek a doctor’s advice before opting for Beclate Inhaler 100 Mcg online shopping if you are closely associated with consuming alcohol. Beclate Inhaler 100 Mcg should not be used by pregnant women unless the doctor prescribes. Same goes for the breastfeeding mothers. The risks and benefits of using the inhaler in such conditions should be thoroughly discussed with an expert of doctor to avoid its adverse effects.

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