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7 major facts about generic drugs

7 major facts about generic drugs

Posted On : 17 December, 2019


What are Drugs?


According to FDA or U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a drug can be any material that is used for relief, diagnosis, treatment, cure, or to control a disease.


What are Generic Drugs?


A generic drug is basically a copy of a branded drug. But it should contain the equal levels of protection, competence, dosage, and usage with the branded drug. FDA approves only those generic drugs which have the similar ingredients as the branded drugs. But these generic drugs become available in the market only after the patent period of the branded drugs is over. The manufacturing of the generic drugs can be made by the same company having the branded drugs or a different company; there is no particular rule for that.

Facts about the Generic drugs


Fact 1:
The performance and quality of the generic drugs should match the branded drugs and FDA checks them minutely on their established standards.

Fact 2:
Various research results of the clinical trials have proved that the generic drugs are as good as the branded drugs. The FDA found no such difference in their workings.

Fact 3:
The normal differences between the quality of branded and generic drugs are approximately 3.5%. But if a generic drug differs about 45% from the branded drug, the FDA will not approve it.

Fact 4:
There is a big difference between the prices of a generic drug and a branded drug. Generics are more than 80% cheaper in cost.

Fact 5:
The cheaper price does not mean that the generic drugs are low in quality. The competition between the pharmacists is responsible for their lower price.

Fact 6:
The FDA personnel continuously monitor the reports of adverse actions of the generic drugs.

Fact 7:
FDA remains dynamically involved in making the generic drugs safer. If any worse effects noticed from the generic drugs among people, the FDA asks the generic industry to look into the issue.


Various online pharmacy companies offer exciting discounts on the generic medicines. The competition in the market is very active between the e-pharmacists for selling generic drugs, so they often provide benefits for having repetitive consumers. They offer high-quality generic medicines on the basis of doctor’s prescriptions. They also offer individual health record management for the advantage of each consumer. People can get their medicines at the competitive market price from the e-pharmaceutical shops.

Hence, generic drugs are as good as branded drugs but are available at a cheaper price.