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Treat the Problem of Asthama with Seretide Diskus 50/250 Mcg

Treat the Problem of Asthama with Seretide Diskus 50/250 Mcg

Posted On : 02 December, 2019


Asthma is a killing disease if its symptoms are not treated on time. If anyone is looking for asthma medicines then he should search for the particular medicines which best prevent the symptoms of asthma. Here is the list of asthma treating medicines those are frequently used by the asthma patients. Here is a discussion regarding which one is the best for the patients!


The non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are classic but old medicines to treat asthma. Today numerous medicines have discovered by the scientists which are far better than these drugs.

7. Oral steroids

Oral steroids like solumedrol and prednisone are used to control the lungs inflammation popularly by the asthma patients. But various research results have proved that these have side effects and people should not use them!

6. Albuterol

This medicine had helped lots of asthma patients to achieve relief from their symptoms in the past. But these days it needs to fight the other efficient asthma drugs and inhalers.


These are inhalers used for treating asthmatics. It is also an old method of preventing asthma symptoms. Further researches on it say that it may not control the inflammation in the lungs for the patients, so it is better to have it with any inhaled corticosteroid.

4.Oral bronchodilators

In the previous years, it was into the top two medicines for treating asthma. But after the invention of various other effective asthma medicines, it has been pushed to the backlist due to its side effects.

3. Xopenex

This was similar to albuterol but had lower side effects than it. In today’s time, it is available in the inhaler form. But it is costly with respect to other modern medicines of asthma.

2. Immunomodulator

This is one of the best treatments for asthma these days but this injection is very costly. Also, doctors advise only the severe asthmatics to take this injection for suppressing their asthma triggers.

1. Combination inhalers

The combination of Serevent and Flovent tops the list. Symbicort medicines are the best treatment for asthma. Who are facing trouble with poor controlled asthma, this inhaler can be a big hit for them.
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