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Alvesco 160 Mcg

Alvesco 160 Mcg

Alvesco 160 Mcg (Ciclesonide) is used to prevent and reduce the symptoms (wheezing and shortness of breath) caused by asthma. Find out price, reviews, dosage, benefits, how to use and side effects. Free Shipping Worldwide from India. On Orders Over $250. Alvesco 160 Mcg on sale with free shipping From India. We are named among the top Exporters and Suppliers of Alvesco 160 Mcg from India.

Generic Name : Ciclesonide

Manufacture Name : Nycomed UK

Uses For : Asthma, Breathing Trouble

Brand Name : Alvesco

Side Effects : Taste Change, Vomiting, Dry Mouth, Burning & Irritation In Mouth, Runny & Stuffy Nose, Itching And Skin Rash

Composition : Ciclesonide

Drug Class : Corticosteroids

Strength : 160 Mg

Packaging : Inhaler Packing

Product Code : SKU DNC 303

Available in : Worldwide (Except India)

Presentation : Inhaler

Delivery Days : 10 To 12 Working Days

Alvesco 160 Mcg Price In India

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Alvesco 160 Mcg is a brand-name physician endorsed drug. It's FDA-supported to assist with forestalling side effects of asthma in grown-ups just as youngsters ages 12 years and more established.

Asthma is a condition that influences your relaxing. Manifestations of asthma might incorporate coughing, inconvenience breathing, and wheezing.

You ought not utilize Alvesco 160 Mcgprescription Medicine Onlineto treat asthma attacks or abrupt difficulty relaxing. The medication isn't a salvage inhaler. Alvesco 160 Mcg facilitates expanding in airways over the long run, which might prompt less and less serious asthma attacks. Notwithstanding, the medication won't attempt to stop an asthma attack that is now happening.


Uses of Alvesco 160 Mcg

Alvesco 160 Mcg is a sort of corticosteroid prescription. The dynamic medication in Alvesco 160 Mcg is called ciclesonide. Alvesco 160 Mcg comes as a spray inhaler, which delivers a fine splash of drug into your lungs when you take a portion.

How It Works

Asthma is a respiratory illness that influences your relaxing. Asthma might make your airways expand, which can make it difficult to relax.

Individuals with asthma might see specific triggers that aggravate their asthma. These can incorporate smoke, dust, and pets.

Asthma is generally dealt with two distinct kinds of drugs: an upkeep medicine and a treatment for asthma attacks. Support drugs work over the long haul to ease asthma indications and diminish the danger of having an asthma attack. Alvesco 160 Mcg is a support medicine. You shouldn't utilize it to treat an unexpected asthma attack or abrupt breathing issues.

Intense meds for asthma are normally known as salvage inhalers. They work by treating side effects of a current asthma attack. Salvage inhalers work rapidly to assist you with breathing simpler. Your PCP will most likely endorse a salvage inhaler alongside your upkeep treatment on the off chance that you have an asthma attack.

Alvesco 160 Mcg is a sort of medicine called a breathed in corticosteroid, which works by diminishing expanding in your airways. This makes it simpler to inhale and frees indications from asthma. How a medication functions is likewise called its instrument of activity.

Side Effects

Side Effects of Alvesco 160 Mcg

  • migraine
  • nasal blockage (stodgy nose)
  • sore throat
  • upper respiratory disease, like a sinus contamination
  • joint agony
  • back, arm, or leg torment
  • expanding in the nose or throat
  • sinusitis (expanding of the sinuses)
  • cough
  • oral thrush† (a sort of parasitic contamination in your mouth).

The majority of these secondary effects might disappear inside a couple of days or two or three weeks. In any case, on the off chance that they become more serious or don't disappear, talk with your primary care physician or drug specialist.


Alvesco 160 Mcg might associate with a medication called ketoconazole, which treats specific sorts of contaminations. Taking Alvesco 160 Mcg alongside ketoconazole may make the level of Alvesco 160 Mcg's metabolites increment. (Metabolites are the byproducts left after the body has separated Alvesco 160 Mcg.) This could raise the quantity of side effects* of Alvesco 160 Mcg or make them more serious. In any case, concentrates on show that this isn't probably going to happen.

There aren't any spices or enhancements that have been explicitly answered to associate with Alvesco 160 Mcg. Be that as it may, you should in any case check with your primary care physician or drug specialist prior to utilizing any of these items while taking Alvesco 160 Mcg.

There aren't any food varieties that have been explicitly answered to communicate with Alvesco 160 Mcg. On the off chance that you have any inquiries concerning eating specific food varieties with Alvesco 160 Mcg, talk with your primary care physician.


  • Eye issues, like glaucoma or waterfalls. Alvesco 160 Mcg might make you foster eye conditions, like glaucoma, waterfalls, or expanded eye pressure. So on the off chance that you have a past filled with eye conditions, taking Alvesco 160 Mcg might exacerbate them. Before you begin taking Alvesco 160 Mcg, talk with your primary care physician about any eye conditions that you have.
  • Certain contaminations. After you've gotten treatment for specific contaminations, for example, herpes or tuberculosis, they can remain idle in your body. The utilization of Alvesco 160 Mcg might make the diseases dynamic once more. Assuming that you've had (or as of now have) any contaminations, talk with your primary care physician prior to beginning Alvesco 160 Mcg treatment. They can screen you for side effects of the diseases returning or treat the ebb and flow contamination.
  • Chickenpox or measles. Alvesco 160 Mcg might debilitate your insusceptible framework. This can make it more straightforward for you to get genuine diseases, like chickenpox or measles. In the event that you haven't had these contaminations or gotten immunizations for them, your primary care physician might suggest you get the antibodies before you begin taking Alvesco 160 Mcg. They may likewise screen you more regularly than expected for indications of disease during your treatment.
  • Hypersensitive response. Assuming you've had a hypersensitive response to Alvesco 160 Mcg or any of its fixings, you shouldn't accept Alvesco 160 Mcg. Ask your primary care physician what different drugs are better choices for you.
  • Pregnancy. It's not known whether Alvesco 160 Mcg is protected to use during pregnancy. On the off chance that you're pregnant or wanting to become pregnant, talk with your primary care physician before you begin taking the medication.
  • Breastfeeding. It's not known whether Alvesco 160 Mcg is protected to use while you're breastfeeding. Assuming that you're breastfeeding or wanting to breastfeed, talk with your PCP prior to beginning Alvesco 160 Mcg treatment.


Ques: What amount of time does it require to work?

It can require something like a month after you begin taking Alvesco 160 Mcg for asthma indications to ease.

In the event that you feel like Alvesco 160 Mcg isn't helping you from the outset, it's vital to converse with your PCP rather than halting treatment all alone. It might require some investment for the medication to start working.

Ques: For what reason would I be able to utilize Alvesco 160 Mcg to treat asthma attacks?

Alvesco 160 Mcg won't attempt to treat an unexpected asthma attack since it doesn't work rapidly enough. Rather, Alvesco 160 Mcg works gradually after some time to ease asthma indications and assist with forestalling asthma attacks. It might require as long as about a month or longer before you notice that Alvesco 160 Mcg is working for you.

Ques: Will Alvesco 160 Mcg fix my asthma?

No, Alvesco 160 Mcg won't fix your asthma. All things considered, the medication attempts to ease asthma indications, for example, coughing, inconvenience breathing, and wheezing. This is known as "upkeep treatment."

Right now, there isn't a solution for asthma. Be that as it may, you might have the option to oversee asthma with a blend of upkeep meds, like Alvesco 160 Mcg and salvage inhalers. At times, your PCP might suggest extra medicines for your asthma.


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