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Cefadur 250 MG Tablet DT

Product Code : DNC 56

Generic Name : Cefadroxil

Brand Name : Duricef

Manufacture Name : CIPLA LTD

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Cefadur is the name under which the antibiotic Cefadroxil is sold. The drug is usually prescribed in cases of infections. The various indications for which the drug is recommended, include bacterial infections in the urinary tract or respiratory tract or infections in any of the other organs like ear, throat etc. If your physician has written Cefadur in the prescription for your infection, you can Shop Cefadur DT 250 Mg Online and consume it.

An Antibiotic with a Broad Spectrum of Usage

Being an effective remedy against infections, Cefadur is used not only for the bacterial infections listed above, but even for treating infections in viral flu and cold. The drug’s main function is to attack the bacteria causing the infections, in each case. The drug Cefadur DT 250 Mg is issued in tablet form in blister packs and as the name indicates is available in 250 Mg strength of Cefadroxil. You can Shop Cefadur DT 250 Mg Online in packs of 30, 60 or 90 pills at one go. Antibiotics are normally prescribed only for short durations and are not meant for longer use and consumption. So the 30 pill pack might be sufficient if you are ordering for a one time prescription. But as an anti bacterial antibiotic there can be no harm in keeping the drug in stock.

Study the Contraindications and Other Details

Whenever you buy any drug, whether it is a drug prescribed by the physician or just an over the counter remedy, do check the details about the product. If there is no sufficient information on the product’s packing there will be a multi lingual pullout giving the complete details of the product; it would cover all the aspects like the indications for which the drug is recommended and other information on how the medicine is to taken will all be included in that. It helps to know what are the contraindications mentioned in the product literature, so that you don’t end up giving to someone even through an over sight.

In the case of Cefadur DT 250 Mg, for example, might suit most individuals but in the case of breast feeding women and in the case of children, it can have effects you would not desire and therefore they should not be administered this medicine. So you can safely Shop Cefadur DT 250 Mg Online consume it knowing all its side effects and advantages. The dosage is always as prescribed by the physician.



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