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Product Code : DNC 413

Generic Name : Sildenafil Citrate & Dapoxetine Tablets

Brand Name : Sustimax

Manufacture Name : ZEE LABS LTD

Presentation : Pills

Delivery Days : 10-12 WORKIND DAY'S

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BUY DA' ZEAGRA 50/30 MILLIGRAM is a combination medicine employed for the treatment of Erectile dysfunction/ Premature ejaculation. Both the conditions have serious psychological effect on your mental health. This medicine helps in both the conditions; firstly for Erectile dysfunction where penile erection cannot be maintained for adequate amount of time to initiate a sexual intercourse. It helps relief this problem and allows you to maintain the erection for required amount of time.


Secondly, in case of premature ejaculation DA' ZEAGRA 50/30 MILLIGRAM

 delays the ejaculation for required amount of time. If both of these are the problem you are facing you can get this medicine prescribed for yourself.  These conditions are not to be shied away from. They affect not only you but your partner as well. It is utmost important to hold your mental piece in this stress full word. The pressure from work and other disease can affect your sexual well being. This medicine is specifically designed to relive these symptoms. Contact for fastest delivery of this product.



Who should not use it?


This medicine is not to be used by women and is suggested to be kept away from children and Pets.


Side Effects:


The side effect range from mild to severe, they can include headache, nausea and insomnia. While the severe include hearing loss. Though not much side effects of this medicine have been reported.


Where to get it?


          This medicine can be easily availed from


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