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Product Code : DNC 1078

Generic Name : Norfloxacin

Brand Name : Noroxin

Manufacture Name : CIPLA INDIA

Presentation : PILLS

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NORFLOX 800 MILLIGRAM Pills is essentially used to treat looseness of the bowels and diarrhea. It is a mix of two anti-infection agents Norfloxacin and Tinidazole. In any case, recollect that this medication won't be powerful for contaminations that aren't brought about by microbes (viral diseases, for example, basic cold and seasonal influenza). Utilizing an anti-microbial drearily and for contaminations that aren't bacterial will lead the medication to lose its intensity over some stretch of time. The treatment plan and measurement will rely on the seriousness of the condition. NORFLOX 800 MILLIGRAM Pills is encouraged to take this medication least two hours preceding expending different minerals/nutrients or such items containing aluminum/magnesium, for example, stomach settling agents. For best outcomes, take this medication at customary interims consistently. Try not to expend any dairy item either two hours before or an hour in the wake of taking this prescription. Hazard factors for this medication incorporate kidney issue, heart distresses and epileptic seizures. NORFLOX 800 MILLIGRAM Pills isn't prescribed for youngsters underneath the age of 12 years. Overdosing on this medication can bring about sporadic (slow) pulses. Scarcely any symptoms remember a hypersensitive reaction for the type of rashes, disturbance of the skin, tingling, and so on (however extremely uncommon), chest torment, tipsiness, disarray, seizures, liver harm, joint or muscle torment, a ringing sensation in the ears (tinnitus), discombobulation, the runs, weakness, sickness, migraines and grieved dozing. . Buy NORFLOX 800 MILLIGRAM Pills from .


Try not to take opiate torment prescriptions in the event that you experience any of these symptoms since these can cause you more damage than anything else. Yeast contamination and oral thrush are different worries that may appear in the event that you utilize this medication aimlessly. Know from your primary care physician the names of every one of those medications that could reduce the viability of this prescription.


 It is prudent to counsel an Internal Medicine Specialist before utilizing this medication.


The following are a portion of the regular symptoms of this medication:


•        Nausea Or Vomiting


•        Dizziness


•        Headache


•        Abdominal Pain


•        Weakness


•        Constipation


•        Back Pain


•        Flatulence


•        Heartburn


•        Skin Rash


•        Metallic Taste 


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