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Product Code : DNC 32

Generic Name : Sumatriptan

Brand Name : Imitrex

Manufacture Name : SUN PHARMA

Presentation : PILLS

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BUY SUMINAT 50MG Is throbbing pain in your head affecting your life style? Is it not allowing you to not enjoy your live at fullest. You need to order medicine from . We provide delivery of all the medicines you would ever need.  Migraines can be a cause of real pain and affect your day to day life severely. This medicine relieves your migraine and symptoms related to it such as nausea, sensitivity to light / sound. It though does not complain to help with the future migraines. But is helpful in relieving in the pain cause by current and if taken regularly can help in bringing down the frequency with which one gets these attacks. This medicine works with the nerves in the brain. This medicine is available AND YOU CAN BUY SUMINAT 50MG  at .




It should be taken as one starts to feel the first sign of migraine. The dosage should be prescribed by doctor and should be based on your symptoms.  It is recommended to keep at least two hour gap between two dosage of the medicine.  In a period of 24 hours no more than 200mg of medicine should be consumed.

What not to do:

Do not take this medicine more than what is directed. Talk to your doctor about any other conditions such as heart related issues you might be facing before the prescription.


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