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Constipation Medicine

List of Constipation Medications


Anti constipation medicine Constipation is the term used to depict trouble or rarity in passing stool. At the point when individuals are clogged up, they experience issues exhausting their insides or strain when they go to the can. Are you facing this problem. Do you feel irritated because of it. Like migraines and colds, nearly everybody will encounter an episode of constipation sooner or later. For most, the scene is brief and won't require clinical treatment. However, on the off chance that you have issues for a quarter of a year or more, specialists begin to get concerned. To buy anti constipation medicine contact Generic Medicine Online India. Having less than three solid discharges for every week, inordinate stressing, a feeling of not being done, or having hard, knotty stools are signals you may have clogging. Ladies are twice as likely as men to encounter clogging, while seniors who take numerous meds are likewise at high hazard. For ladies and seniors it becomes even more difficult to handle. Do you feel that you need something that will relieve you from this pain. Contact us; visit us at Online Generic Medicine Store India.



List of Constipation Medications

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Generic Medicine to Treat Constipation

In the event that you are clogged up, it merits eating more fiber-rich nourishments, for example, vegetables, natural products, entire grains, and nuts. You can likewise drink more liquids and ensure you practice routinely. Fiber supplements are another choice to consider. Consider buying buy anti constipation medicine from Online Anti Constipation Generic Medicine Store. Our inside is the piece of our gastrointestinal tract that expels strong waste (crap) left over from the nourishment we eat from our body. At the point when we pass dung it is called having a solid discharge or movement. Blockage can either happen from an absence of fiber or liquid in the eating regimen, or if the developments of the inside stoppage, because of ailment, meds, hormones, or injury, causing a more extended travel for dung through the entrail. To get rid of this problem Buy Constipation Medicine from Generic Medicines Online India.


Online Constipation medicines in USA

There are lots of medicines to choose from for relief from chronic constipation. Some are over the counter treatments, and others need a doctor’s prescription. You will want to know what types of medications are available and what other treatments there are if those do not work. Of course, lifestyle changes (like getting more fiber in your diet, drinking more water, and being physically active) are usually the first things to try. Your doctor can also check to see if any medicines you take to treat other conditions might be part of the problem. Keep in mind that with any type of laxative, if you take them regularly or in large amounts, you can get side effects, including electrolyte imbalances. Electrolytes include calcium, chloride, potassium magnesium, and sodium. Your body needs them to do a lot of things, so make sure you let your doctor know if you find you need to use these often. If you need the best medicine for the constipation then you have to go online daynightchemists pharmacy because it is a leading Indian online pharmacy which deals in mainly constipation drugs all over the world. lots of people of USA, UK, CANADA, RUSSIA, etc buy constipation drugs online from our pharmacy because we provide genuine and branded laxative drugs to the customer at affordable price. A patient can easily get fast acting laxative from our website just one click. We are a renowned online pharmacy of the world that is why most of  peoples gives preference to buy best kids constipation quick relief medicine  from our pharmacy. 


Treatment for constipation:

Treatment for chronic constipation usually starts with balanced diet and lifestyle changes meant to improve the speed at which stool moves through your intestines. If those changes do not help, your physician may prescribe medications or surgery.


Diet and lifestyle changes:

Your physician may recommend the following changes to treat your constipation because these natural remedies for constipation are very helpful. If you have a mild constipation problem then your problem can treat these natural remedies.

  • Increase your fiber consumption: adding fiber to your diet increases the weight of your stool and speeds its passage through your bowels. Slowly begin to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Choose whole grain breads, nuts and cereals.  Your doctor may recommend a specific number of grams of fiber to consume every day. In general, aim for 14 grams of fiber forever 1000 calories in your daily diet. A sudden increase in the quantity of fiber you eat can cause bloating, cramping and gas, so start slowly and work your way up to your goal over a few days.
  • Exercise most days of the week: physical activity improves muscle activity in your bowls. Try to fit in exercise most days of the week, talk to your physician about whether you are healthy enough to start an exercise program.
  • Don’t ignore the urge to have bowel movement: take your time in the washroom, allowing yourself enough time to have a bowel movement without distractions and without feeling rushed.

Over-the- counter treatments:

Many people begin with products they can buy without a doctor prescription. Your physician can help you choose the right product for you. One thing to keep in mind: your insurance plan might cover some of these over-the counter drugs. Check with your physician and your health insurance company to see if you need a prescription to get the best deal.


Some types of OTC products to treat constipation are:

Fiber supplement: they absorb water to help form bulky stool to get your intestines going. Make sure to drink enough water with fiber so it does not block your bowels. For some people, it may cause bloating and pain in your stomach. Common choices such as:

  • Calcium polycarbophil.
  • Methylcellulose fiber.
  • Psyllium.
  • Wheat dextrin etc.

Laxatives: laxatives drugs many types of laxatives exist. Each works somewhat differently to make it easier to have a intestines movement. The following are available over the counter. If your doctor recommends laxative drugs then we discuss the best laxative for constipation which is very helpful for you.

  • Fiber supplements: fiber supplements are very helpful bulk to your stool. Bulky stools are softer and easier to pass. Fiber supplements like - psyllium (Metamucil, konsyl, others), calcium polycarbophil, (Fibercon, equalactin, others) and methylcellulose (Citrucel).
  • Stimulants: stimulants like - bisacodyl (correctol, dulcolax, others) and sennosides (senokot, ex-lax, perdiem) cause your stomach intestines to contract.
  • Osmotic: osmotic laxatives are very helpful to stool move through the colon by increasing secretion of fluid from the intestines and helping to stimulate bowel movements. Examples, oral magnesium hydroxide (phillips milk of magnesia, Dulcolax milk of magnesia, others), magnesium citrate, lactulose (cholac, constilac, others), polyethylene glycol (miralax, glycolax).
  • Lubricants: lubricants also play an important role to pass out stool, such as mineral oil enable stool to move through your colon more easily.
  • Stool softeners: stool softeners are very effective to move out stool, such as docusate sodium (colace) and docusate calcium (surfak) moisten the stool by drawing water from the bowels.
  • Enemas and suppositories: tap water enemas with or without soap suds can be useful to soften stool and produce a bowel movement. Glycerin or bisacodyl suppositories also helpful in moving stool out of the body by providing lubrication and stimulation.

Other combined medications for constipation:

If over-the-counter drugs do not help your chronic constipation problems, your physician may recommend a prescription medication, especially if you have irritable bowel syndrome.

  • Medications that draw water into your intestines: a number of prescription drugs are available to diagnose chronic constipation problems. Lubiprostone (amitiza), linaclotide (linzess) and plecanatide (trulance) work by drawing water into your intestines and speeding up the movement of stool.
  • Serotonin 5 hydroxytryptamine 4 receptors: prucalopride (motegrity) helps move stool through the colon.
  • Peripherally acting mu-opioid receptor antagonists (PAMORAs): if constipation is caused oy opioid pain medications, PAMORAs such as naloxegol (movantik) and methylnltrexone (Relistor) reverse the effect of opioids on the intestine to keep the bowels moving.