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Things You Need To Know Before Using Climax Spray

Things You Need To Know Before Using Climax Spray

Posted On : 28 December, 2019

The climax spray falls under the category of topical aerosol which consists of a special ingredient, Lidocaine. Lidocaine is used for prolonged penile erection in men and helps to prevent situations if premature ejaculation during intercourse. This particular spray, manufactured by the Midas Care Pharmaceutical Private Limited, is easily available over both online and offline platforms.
The spray contains Lidocaine topical that is a local anaesthetic. It plays an impactful role in delaying the rare of ejection in men, providing a longer period for sexual intercourse. You can easily buy climax spray online for men from the various medicines providing websites at an affordable price.

What are the ingredients of climax spray?
Well, coming to the ingredients, it can be listed as:
The Climax Spray consists of about 10% of Lidocaine. It is the most active ingredient of this spray. Having the strength of Lidocaine as a major ingredient, each metered dose supplied by the spray owns a power of U.S.P. 5 mg. On average, a bottle of climax spray provides 200 metered doses. The net constituent of a climax spray bottle is 15 grams.
Mechanism of action
The Climax Spray acts and stabilizes the membrane of the nerves with suppression of the passage meant for ions. It also provides a desensitizing effect which helps in preventing the situation of premature ejaculation while sexual intercourse is in its peak. In short, it can be said that the use of this spray helps in delaying the erection of the penis and its early ejaculation.
Uses of the climax spray
The climax spray is ideally used for delaying the erection process during any kind of sexual activity. Well, apart from it, it is also used for several other uses including prolonged erection, ejaculation at a premature stage, local anaesthesia, and relief from pain in muscles and joints and even for numbness.
These were the basic list of situations where this spray prices itself to be useful. Apart from it, it can be used for several other situations as well depending entirely on the symptoms and the requirements. However, before you buy climax spray online for men and use it, it is recommended to consult a physician or a sexologist to avoid future complications.
How to use the spray?
The lidocaine based climax spray is mostly recommended for the men who fall above the age category of 18 years. As per doctors, the spray should be used fifteen minutes before going in for sexual intercourse. The period should’ve strictly maintained for better results.
Here are the steps so that you safely use the spray for yourself.
  • First, shake the bottle of climax spray for about 10 seconds.
  • Next, press the nozzle of the bottle and apply about four sprays on the shaft of the penis. It is recommended to spray it even on the penis head for better results.
  • After spraying, you need to use your fingers to spread the lotion evenly to the part. Wait till the spray-dried off. Once you see that it has dried, you can start with sexual intercourse.
Most doctors recommend a dosage of four sprays; however, in case of sensitive people, the dosage pattern may or may not vary. While using the climax spray, you need to strictly follow the precautions mentioned and never use more than ten sprays in a single day.