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Privacy Policy

While carrying out a transaction with,you have to reveal personal facts as well as share the credit card details.Since it is our main concern to protect the information that we receiev from you,you need not worry.Your email address,complete name contact number along with contact details and credit information is never shared with any third party.Besides,any of your details is not used to facilitate the publicity drives.Nevertheless,we may send online mailers to let you know the current discount schemes and offers.If you do not wish to receive such mailers,you are always free to remove your name from our customer list.And prior to making transactions,do take into account the following points:

  • The information provided by you can only be revealed as per your directives.In accordance with your directions,and to the legally permissible extent,the requisite information may be released to individuals in question.They might either be the insurance companies or any third party you would have desired to share the information with.
  • As we have partners to facilitate reward and membership programs,there may be need to disclose certain information about the customers.However,the information would be revealed only if you agree.Only the information required will be divulged,once you have  provided your consent in favor of the same.Information can be automatically revealed,if you've agreed to the terms and conditions of a programs.You are required to approach the partner  directly,if you want to stop revealing the information.