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Diabetes Medicines

An increase in blood glucose or sugar level can lead to the life-threatening medical ailment called diabetes. To keep the blood sugar under control and decrease the sugar absorption rate in the body, we, at Day Night Chemists are offering clinically tested and scientifically approved diabetes medicines at an affordable market price. These medicines ensure that enough insulin (a hormone that helps in proper and controlled sugar absorption by the cells) is secreted by the pancreas. We offer all types of diabetes medicines depending on the type of diabetes the patient has.


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Medications for Type 2 Diabetes

In type 2 diabetes, the human body can make insulin, but cannot use it properly. So, it falls short in keeping normal blood sugar levels in the patient’s body. The treatment of type 2 diabetes requires the best usage of insulin in the body and to flush out the extra sugar from the blood.

Type 2 diabetes medications are mostly oral drugs and a few are available in the form of injections.

The most commonly used medicines for type 2 diabetes

Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors
This type of medicine helps in lowering blood sugar levels by breaking the starchy foods. These medicines should be taken prior to a meal.

Though these medicines increase the release of insulin, but these are not for all. This is because their consumption may reduce the blood sugar below the normal level.

Dopamine agonist
These drugs are different from the other type 2 diabetes medicines. These are good for preventing insulin resistance of the patient’s body.

DPP-4 inhibitors
These medicines help the body to produce insulin. They decrease the blood sugar in the patient’s body but restrict the occurrence of hypoglycaemia.


This type of drugs lowers the quantity of sugar in the liver. These make the muscles capable of absorbing more glucose and make the body delicate to insulin.

Glucagon-like peptides

These medicines behave similarly with the incretin, which is a natural hormone in the human body. They increase the growth of B-cells and the usage of insulin in the body.


These medicines lower the glucose levels in the liver. They also lower the risks of heart problems.

Sodium glucose transporter 2 inhibitors
The work structure of these drugs includes making glucose resistance of the kidneys and passing the glucose through urine.

It is one of the oldest diabetes medicines. These help the body in making more insulin by encouraging the pancreas.

The type 2 diabetes patients need to use their prescribed drugs on a regular basis. They should buy diabetes medications online to avail them at the best price. The online pharmacists provide quality medicines upon verifying the prescriptions of their consumers. They offer a convenient packaging to deliver the medicines at the doorsteps within the defined time. They value emergency of their consumers and offer lucrative discounts on bulk orders.

Hence, the patients with type 2 diabetes can easily buy online medicines to reduce their cost of treatment.
How To Buy Diabetes Medications Online?

Diabetes has become a common disease nowadays. As per the latest statistics conducted in 2017, around 8.8 percent of the adult population is suffering from diabetes across the globe. It is a type of chronic disease that needs medicine administration on daily basis. Diabetes occurs due to the incapability of the beta cells to produce insulin in the required amount needed by the body. In result, the blood glucose level increases. Diabetes is a disease that stays for a lifetime with a person affected by it. This disease is one of the major causes of the increased death rate in various countries across the world. So, the anti-diabetic drugs become essential for the diabetic patients. With the help of these medicines and a balanced diet, a diabetic can lead a normal life.

About Diabetes & Its Medications

There are three types of diabetes in common, namely Type 1, Type 2, and Gestational Diabetes.

Type 1: This type of diabetes is the most common one and is thus found at a large scale. The cause of this diabetes is the absence of insulin-secreting beta cells in the pancreas. The medicine for type 1 diabetes has different types of insulin like short-acting, long-acting, intermediate-acting, rapid-acting, and combination insulins.

Type 2: This types of diabetes occurs due to the decrease of the insulin secretion in the body even after the presence of the beta cells. Medicines used for treating the type-2 diabetes are biguanides, alpha-glucosidase inhibitors, glucagon-like peptides, DPP-4 inhibitors, sodium glucose transporter inhibitor, dopamine agonist, meglitinides, and others.

Gestational Diabetes: This type of diabetes strikes the women during pregnancy. Usually, this type disappears after the birth of the baby. Some women need treatment and thus, consume blood-glucose controlling pills. The antidiabetic medicines are prepared using the ingredients like tolbutamide, pramlintide, acarbose miglitol, alogliptan, nateglinide, etc. These medicines act as natural insulin for the body and thus, balance the blood glucose levels.

How To Purchase Diabetes Medicines from Online Pharmacies?

At times, a person is not able to personally visit a pharmacy to purchase the medicines. Everyone is busy with their tight schedules. Here, online pharmacies came to the rescue. You can easily purchase the medicines from online stores. The diabetes medicines are prescribed by doctors and thus, a prescription is required to purchase the same. You just need to visit the online pharmaceutical store and upload the prescription to buy diabetes medications online. The best advantage of buying online is that you can purchase the medicines at any hour of the day. Another benefit is the delivery of the medicines at your doorstep. Also, you can get medicines at low prices through online pharmacies at times. And, this process helps in keeping a record of all the purchases.

Diabetes is a condition in which either the blood sugar level goes up or went down. And, both the conditions are not good for a human being. Buying these medicines through online stores is the best way. So, buy diabetes medications online anytime and at any hour of the day.