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Anti Cancer Treatment & Medication

Anticancer, or Antineoplastic, drugs are used to treat malignancies, or cancerous growths. Medicines therapy may be used alone, or in combination with other treatments like - surgery or radiation therapy. If you have the problem of cancer and you want to buy anti cancer medicine online then you can buy genuine and branded quality of generic anti cancer medicine online from daynightchemists pharmacy just one click.

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Ibandronic Acid

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Ibandronic Acid

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Ibandronic Acid

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Cyproterone Acetate(Ciproterone Acetate)

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Anti Cancer Medicines Online USA

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Anticancer drugs are used to stop the growth of cancerous cells. Cancer is generally defined as the uncontrolled growth of cells, with loss of differentiation and commonly, with mitosis’, spread of the cancer to other tissues and organs. Cancers are malignant growths of tissues. In contrast, starting growths remain encapsulated and grow within a well-defined area. Although benign cancer may be fatal if untreated, due to pressure on essential organs, as in the case of a benign brain cancer, surgery or radiations are the preferred methods of diagnose growths which have well defined location. Medicines therapy is used when the cancer/tumor has spread, or may spread, to all areas of the body.



Many classes of medicines may be used in cancer treatment, depending on the nature of the organ involved. For example, Breast cancers: are generally stimulated by estrogens, and may be treated with medicines that inactivate the sex hormones.

Prostate cancer: may be treated with medicines that inactivate androgens, the male sex hormone. However, the majority of antineoplastic drugs work by interfering with cell growth. Since cancerous cells grow more faster than other cells, the medicines target those cells that are in the process of reproducing themselves. As a result, antineoplastic medicine will generally affect not only the cancerous cells, but others cells that usually reproduce quickly including hair follicles, ovaries and testes, and blood-forming organs etc.


New anti cancer medicines online in USA

Newer methods of antieoplastic medicines therapy have taken different approaches, including angiogenesis the inhibition of formation of blood vessels feeding the cancer and contributing to cancer growth. Although these approaches need the promise of patients, they are not yet in common use. Developing new anticancer medicines is the work of ongoing research. In 2003, a new technique was introduced to streamline the search for effective medicines. Researchers pumped more than 23000 chemical compounds through a screening technique to identify those that help fight tumors while leaving healthy cells unharmed. The doctor identified nine compounds matching the profile, including one previously unidentified drug for fighting cancer. They have expanded their research to determine how the medicines might be developed. This was an important step Antineoplastic medicines may be divided into two classes: cycle specific and non-cycle specific. Cycle specific drugs work only at specific points of the cells duplication cycle, such as anaphase or metaphase, while non-cycle specific drugs may work at any point in the cell cycle. In order to gain maximum effect, antineoplastic medicines are generally used in combinations.


List of generic anti cancer drugs:

  • Altretamine
  • Asparaginase
  • Bleomycin
  • Busulfan
  • Carboplatin
  • Carmustine
  • Chlorambucil
  • Cisplatin
  • Cladribine
  • Cyclophosphamide
  • Cytarabine
  • Dacarbazine
  • Diethylstilbestrol
  • Ethinyl estrodiol
  • Etoposide
  • Mitomycine
  • Mitotane
  • Mitoxantrone etc.

Precautions: because antieoplastic agents do not target specific cell types, they have a number of common due to the effects on hair follicles, and anemia, immune system impairment, and clotting problems are caused by devastation of the blood forming organs, leading to a decrease in the number of red cells, white cells, and platelets. Because of the frequency and seriousness of these side effects, it is common to administer chemotherapy in cycles, allowing time for recovery from the medicines effects before administering the next drug dose. Doses are often calculated, not on the basis of weight, but rather based on blood counts, in order to avoid dangerous levels of anemia 9re cell depletion), neutropenia (white cell deficiency), or thrombocytopenia (platelet deficiency) the health professional has many responsibilities in dealing with patients undergoing chemotherapy. The patient must be well informed of the risks and benefits of chemotherapy, and must be emotionally prepared for the side effects. These may be permanent, and younger patients should be aware of the high risk of sterility after chemotherapy. The patient must also be aware which side effects should be reported to the physician, since many severe effects do not appear until several days after a dose of chemotherapy. When chemotherapy is self administered, the patient must be familiar with proper use of the medicines, including dose timing and avoidance of medicines. Drug and food-drug interactions: Appropariate steps should be taken to minimize side effects. These may include administration of antinauseant drugs to decrease nausea and vomiting, maintaining fluid levels to reduce drug toxicity, particularly to the kidneys, or application of a scalp tourniquet to decrease blood flow to the scalp and minimize hair loss due to medicines therapy. Patients receiving chemotherapy also are at risk of infections due to reduced white blood counts. While prophylactic antibiotics may be useful, the healthcare professional should also be sure to use standard precautions, including gowns and gloves when appropriate. Patients should be alerted to avoid risks of viral contamination, and live virus immunizations are contraindicated until the patient has fully recovered from the effects of chemotherapy. Similarly, the patient should avoid contact or touch with other persons who have recently had live virus immunizations. Other precautions which should be emphasized are the risks to pregnant or breastfeeding women. Because antineoplastic drugs are commonly harmful to the fetus, women of childbearing potential should be cautioned to use two effective methods of birth control while receiving cancer chemotherapy. This also applies if the woman’s male partner is receiving chemotherapy. Breastfeeding should be avoided while the mother is being treated.