All About Generic Medicines

Generic medicines or generic drugs are slightly distinct from the common medicines. These do not have a brand name. It can differ from the common medicines in terms of its packaging, color, and taste. It is the government’s responsibility to check the quality and the genuine nature of the generic drugs before they are dispensed to the patients. The name of the manufacturer is mentioned on the packaging of the generic drugs. Also, it is required that the generic drugs should have ingredients that are equivalent to the ones that are present in their branded counterparts. And, they are only prepared by the manufacturers under the name of a brand when that brand is no more a patent. In addition to this, the generic drugs/ medicines are usually available in the market at relatively lower prices as compared to their branded equivalent. Want to know more about the generic medicines? Well, keep reading ahead!

What Are Generic Medicines?

When new medicines are created, they are first patented by the brands under a firm. Only that particular firm can thereafter sell these medicines. After a certain period of time, the patent expires or the owner cancels the patent from these medicines. This is when the manufacturers of pharmaceutical products can create the generic versions of these medicines by applying to the Food and Drug Administration. A manufacturer of generic medicines needs to get them FDA approved for selling them in the pharmaceutical industry. The FDA confirms the safe usage and effectiveness of the generic medicines. Only then, it approves the medicines for sale. Besides this, the FDA approval also suggests that the generic drugs or medicines are exactly same to their counterparts, as they contain similar ingredients. Therefore, the benefits as well as side-effects would be the same.

Are They Less Expensive?

Well, yes! The generic drugs medicines are usually less expensive as compared to their counterparts. This is because the manufacturers do not have to invest into the development of a new drug. They are creating a copy of the existing medicine. Since these manufacturers do not have to spend a fortune on research, development, promotion, and marketing of a brand, they can sell these drugs/ medicines at a relatively lower price. The generic drugs are usually high on demand due to their low price range. Thus, the manufacturers need to keep the price low, as the competition increases. Also, the manufacturers need to ensure that the quality of the generic drugs do not differ even a bit from the actual brand. Therefore, while consuming the generic drugs approved by FDA, you never have to worry about the quality.

These days, most doctors or chemists prescribe the generic drugs for different health issues. The generic drugs are higher in demand as compared to the branded ones. However, you must ensure that these drugs are FDA approved before purchasing them. You can skip this hassle by avoiding an offline store and logging the browser to search for a reputed generic medicine online store. From a trustworthy virtual pharmacy, you will get only genuine products!

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